Check out Rank & Style for all your shopping solutions!


Ok, I am going to admit it….I am a SHOPPER!  I love to shop and find myself spending countless evenings awake researching products only to be utterly confused and exhausted.  So during my search to compare beauty products, I came across a site called Rank & Style.  Rank & Style “simplifies shopping by bringing you unbiased, data-driven Top Ten lists of the best fashion and beauty products”.  Rank & Style is an awesome guide that narrows down a variety of products, accessories, lifestyle, etc. down to top 10 lists.  The lists are great- they include a brief description of the products, why they chose the particular product and where you can purchase it!  All the work is done for you!  Its fantastic and I have found myself purchasing many items from their lists and absolutely LOVE them.

So I am sure you are wondering how these top ten lists are derived.  Well, Rank & Style Top Ten lists are created utilizing an algorithm that methodically researches and aggregates data (user reviews, bestseller lists, editorial recommendations and expert product reviews) from the department stores, boutiques, fashion blogs and style magazines you trust.

Rank & Style makes it super easy to access their top 10 lists.  You can either visit the site or you can sign up for their newsletter here.  However you decide to access Rank & Style, I encourage you to check it out before buying your next products!  I think you will definitely find it a great resource!


Have you joined the Brave Girls Club yet?

As a mother, wife friend, small business owner and woman, I have found many hurdles that I constantly jump over each day.  Some are harder than others and lessons are constantly being learned.  There are days where I just feel as if I can’t share my thoughts because those around me are also going through their own issues.  One sleepless night, while I was looking for a bit of “inspiration”, I came across a site called Brave Girls Club.    The Brave Girls Club is “a worldwide community of women (of every age!) who want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life they can possibly live…and that means something different to every single one of us”.  Brave Girls Club is a place where we can feel free to be ourselves, find peace on stressful days and learn to be brave.  What I love most about the Brave Girls Club is that it is a haven to just be you.  It is a community of women just like us who are looking for some support, inspiration, direction and encouragement. 

The Brave Girls Club features a wonderful blog, community, online classes (that are reasonable and AMAZING!) but what has really struck me is their daily emails called “a little bird told me- the daily truth“.  I look forward to these emails each day.  They are inspiring and heartfelt and they seem to come just at the right time.  And for those of you with girls, there is a daily truth email for girls and teens called “the little butterfly”. 

I can’t say enough about this site and how many times it has offered me encouragement and inspiration.  I can only tell you to check it out here and let us know what you think!  I think you will definitely delight in it!