A Taste of Heaven in a Cup!


I am obsessed with tea!  While I have tried a plethora of different teas, I have really fallen in love with both black and green (primarily flavored green) teas.  My love affair with tea started many years ago as a young adult.  I just could not get into the whole coffee frenzy but still enjoyed a warm cup of something in the morning.  I was introduced to Harney & Sons tea when I was 19 years old and on vacation in Boston.  It was the beginning of my love affair with tea, but eventually our relationship grew cold.  I then fell in love with and have consistently loved Mariage Freres tea.  The Mariage family established the principles that subsequently developed into a veritable French Art of Tea.  A cup of Mariage’s Yunnan Imperial or French Breakfast was all I needed to kick start a lovely day.  But over the years, Mariage Freres tea has become hard and hard to find in the States and unfortunately for me, travel to France by either myself, friends or family is not often enough to maintain a healthy supply of these coveted leafs!

So I began the journey of finding the perfect cup of tea, one that would stand up to (but of course, never replace) my beloved Mariage but was available in the States.  I tried dozens of different tea brands, probably more than my bank account allowed at times, but similar to coffee, there is nothing like the perfect cup of tea in the morning to set the tone for my day!  I stumbled across DAVIDsTea about 2 months ago and it was LOVE at first sight.  For the first time in my life I was willing to put Mariage aside and open my arms to a new, available love!

DAVIDsTea is a Canadian based company that has opened tea stores throughout the USA and lucky me, there are THREE stores in San Francisco, CA.  DAVIDsTea features over 150 different types of teas from exclusive blends & flavors to traditional teas and exotic ones.  Walking into a DAVIDsTea shop is an experience!  It looks like heaven with its white decor and teal accents.  The tea is stored in large metal bins that are labeled and organized according to their leaf, style and caffeine.  There are so many teas one can become overwhelmed so it is best to walk in there with some idea of what you are looking for and then be prepared to purchase something you never even knew existed.  The great thing about DAVIDsTea is that you don’t have to commit to buying a ton of tea…..you can buy a sample bag of 2oz or tins of 4ozs up.  I found it really helpful to buy the sample bags, try them at home and then decide which ones I really wanted to commit to.

While it is really hard to narrow down favorites at DAVIDsTea, I have found myself craving a few!  My current black tea favorites are:  Brazillionaire, Lapsang Souchsong Star, Red Velvet Cake (OMG!), Salted Carmel & Cream of Earl Grey.  My favorite green teas are:  Toasted Walnut, Movie Night & Sweet Ginger.  And to round up the rest, my favorite herbals and rooibos are:  Mother’s Little Helper (great for kids too!), Birthday Cake (its out of this world), Creme Caramel & Super Ginger.

If you can’t find a store near you, visit their online store here:  DAVIDsTea!  I have no doubt you’ll become a tea freak like me!



Happy New Year! 2013!!!

Hey Kitsel Friends!  Let’s Kibitz

 Happy New Year!

Another year has gone by and as I always seem to do when the holiday dust settles, I am in awe of how fast time has flown by!  I began 2012 with a 6 year old son and left it with a 7 year old!  Some days I would like to stop the clock and conversely, on others, I would like to hit the fast forward button!  I have watched my son evolve from a little kindergartner to a big first-grader, one who even knows how to read & spell!  This tidbit was discovered when I was spelling that my son was in a M-O-O-D to my Mother and he turned and said “I am NOT in a MOOD Mommy!”.  Wow- that was quiet the development in our home!  There have been so many more amazing moments that I have discovered with my now 7 year old!  We are playing family board games like Sorry, Life and Monopoly and while it does take a bit of patience at times, it is so fun and really brings us together.  

As a working mom, I am still trying to figure out the work-life balance.  Managing being a “present” mom has been foremost on my mind as I found that technology has made working & playing from everywhere a bit too convenient!  I am reminded constantly of the importance of putting my iPad or iPhone down during conversations and outings with my son!  Its the one nagging I can really appreciate from him although he, too, has learned to covet the ‘ole iPad! 

One of the questions I am constantly asked during this time of year is what new year resolutions I have made.  It’s a question that up until recently I was able to answer with ease….I would whip out a list I inevitably had on my person and read it off!  However, I discovered last year, around mid-year, that I did not have to wait until the “new year” to make resolutions.  That every day was a new day and a fresh start.  So with this in mind, I have embarked on a new tradition and that is to not make resolutions.  Instead I am setting out to live my life with the idea of making each day count and on those days I fall short, to not beat myself up, but begin anew the next morning.  Not having resolutions does not mean that I don’t have goals, but it means that my goals are a lifestyle as opposed to a new beginning.  I am excited to see the progress of my goals and am interested in seeing where I land at this time next year!

Stay Tuned….