Its a Miracle…..Dior Hydra Life BB Crème

I don’t know about you but I have not succumbed to the motherhood doldrums.  You know what I am talking about when life gets too overwhelming and you find yourself unshowered, hair matted and in the same clothes you wore the day before or was it the day before that????  While admittedly I do have many days such as this, I try to take care of myself, and at least look presentable when the UPS delivery guy arrives.  LOL.  In all honesty, it isn’t so bad.  I have spent much money on trying to perfect the 5 minute beauty routine with products that work overtime and make me look lovely….well  at least a bit less disheveled than I feel inside sometimes. 

I came across Dior Hydra Life BB Creme at Sephora last week and immediately went home to do the research.  While it is a bit pricey (Sephora sells it for $56) it is worth every penny.  If you are not familiar with BB Creme’s in general, read on….  BB Creme’s are inspired by cutting-edge Asian beauty rituals.  They are a single-step cream to immediately balance the skin, correct the complexion, and protect its youthful appearance. Developed in collaboration with Dior Makeup Artists, HydraLife BB Crème combines the moisturizing and protective powers of a skincare product with the immediate complexion-enhancing and even-toning properties of a foundation. The complexion is left moisturized, smooth, and velvety soft.   This product even boasts SPF 30 which provides active defense against environmental stress and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

This creme is a miracle creme.  It has replaced my sunscreen, primer, foundation and even concealer and has saved me significant time and money!  The best part of this is it goes on so natural that people will never know you are wearing any makeup at all.  And for all you skeptics who need a heavier foundation to “cover” up, don’t hesitate to try this.  It works for most skin and all ages. 

It comes in one color, which seems to flatter most.  If you are interested in the product but aren’t ready to make a commitment, ask your friendly Sephora consultant for a sample, and try it out.  I know you will hooked!