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Happy New Year- 2012!


Hello Kitsel Friends!

Happy New Year!  I wanted to take a pause out of the usual holiday craziness to wish each of you a happy, healthy new year.   2011 brought many changes and transformation to Kitsel.  We did a complete redesign of our site, which included a new modern front and backend as well as a fresh design.  We also moved our platform to one which ultimately gives the customer more control over their orders and status.  The change was sometimes turbulent, but we managed to navigate the rocky shoals and relaunched the new site this past fall. 

2011 was also the year of awesome new additions to the site- we added such name brand favorites as Swaddle Designs, Fore! by Axel & Hudson, Appaman, Dwell Studio, Little Giraffe, your favorite…Skip*Hop and many more!  We also brought back some of our old favorites, Pluto Tees and New Skool!!!  While 2011 was the year of change and movement, we are looking at 2012 as being the year of the customer.

Kitsel is committed to our customers and has designated 2012 the year of the customer.  We have a lovely customer service team who will answer your emails as well as a great live chat team to answer all your questions, almost on demand (we do need a bit of sleep!).  With this said, we will constantly look for new ways to show you our appreciation, albeit daily deals, coupons, rewards, giveaways and more! 

We encourage you to let us know your thoughts on how we can better serve you.   Become a fan of us on Facebook, email us at, or chat with us through our live chat.  We are here only because of you, and want to ensure your experience at Kitsel is extraordinary. 

Thank you for your continued business.  You have our gratitude and commitment to make 2012 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

Samantha Behrman Rosenberg




Designer Spotlight- Meet New Skool!



New Skool was founded in 2003 by artist, business owner and dad, Nathan Tan, aka Nate1 MPC. Evolving from 20 plus year in painting graffiti murals and 10 years of working in the fashion industry, New Skool has become a  trend setter in kids graphics and boldly branded itself as a Hip Hop Company. Currently New Skool is distributed in the US and Japan working with independently owned boutiques and stores. Besides painting murals, Nate also teaches a Graffiti History class at 1:AM Gallery in San Francisco.